Summer Language Camp Schedule

Our four-week summer language program is based on proven techniques that promote reading, speech, and language enrichment!

In order to provide the best environment for learning, each hour long session is given by one of our friendly therapists who makes sure your child feels welcome and gets specialized attention.

For only $35, all sessions include:


Friday June 9 th 11:00 – 12:00
Week 1: Alphabet / Phonetics
Your child will make important connections that are key to both reading and speech.
Friday June 16 th 11:00 – 12:00
Week 2: Rhyming
Rhyming helps early development in both reading and spelling skills.
Friday June 23 rd 11:00 – 12:00
Week 3: Story Comprehension/ Elements of a Story
This lesson teaches elements of story structure. Additionally, your child will be taught techniques to remember important details in stories.
Friday June 30 th 11:00 – 12:00
Week 4: School
In this session your child will learn about the setting and rules of a classroom, along with effective communication techniques.


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Extended Hours of Operation including Evenings and Saturdays

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We provide all of the hearing aids from the Six Major Hearing Aid Manufactures, including the AGX Hearing Aid Brand

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Welcome to Autumn Oak Speech, Voice and Hearing, PLLC. With our highly specialized professionals all your hearing, speech and accent needs are addressed. In regards to hearing healthcare, treatment does not stop at hearing aids. For some of our guests, hearing aids no longer provide the benefit as they once did. Therefore, if a candidate, cochlear implants and implantable hearing devices may be an option to consider allowing you to receive the gift of hearing. Dr. Michelle Saltarrelli’s experience and education is exceptionally extensive, less than 1% of professionals in the fields achieved her level of credentials in Texas. Her education, credentials and experience allow her to provide a vast array of hearing and speech healthcare. Dr. Saltarrelli’s passion to help others achieve the gift of hearing, speech and excellent communication manifested itself with the advent of Autumn Oak Speech, Voice and Hearing, PLLC.


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At Autumn Oak Speech, Voice & Hearing, we believe quality hearing care should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we’ve designed a revolutionary hearing aid leasing program with low monthly payments. Click the button to learn more about this ground-breaking new program, and how you can get started today.


I called Dr. Saltarrelli because my then 3 year old daughter had a very limited vocabulary. Autumn Oak Speech, Voice & Hearing helped us by working with Gabriella one-on-one on the enunciation of her words. The final result was, in one word, amazing. The thing I loved the most was their patience with her and showing me simple exercises to take home with us. I found the experience to be very positive, fulfilling, and life-changing. I would recommend Dr. Saltarrelli and her associates at Autumn Oak to anyone of any age who is having issues with their speech.

Kim (Mom)


Since day one of visiting with Dr. Saltarrelli and Ms. Ann, we felt they are truly passionate about wanting to help our son get better. Their evaluation was concise and they had a plan in place to make sure in the weeks to come, we would see results with Cruz. Day 1 he was grunting and pointing to try and communicate with others, which made life difficult for him as well as us. The time they spent listening and working with Cruz over the next few months was well worth it. He is so full of energy and life and is now able to speak more clearly and not have fits for not being able to communicate with others. He is able to label and say what he needs to both in English and Spanish. Our little boy has developed tremendously thankfully to their entire team and we are so thankful to them all!!!

Marcus (Dad)


I have been wearing my “in the ear” hearing aids for over a year now and love them.  I work in an office environment and for years have found I struggle hearing soft spoken people and certain dialects.  I used to arrive at meetings early so I could make sure I sat in the middle of the table.  If I ended up at an end seat, I ran the risk of not hearing everything well.  It was embarrassing to have to ask people to repeat themselves.  Many times I either had to follow up with individuals after a meeting or miss out altogether.  I no longer have that issue.  I am now able to hear very well.  In addition, no one knows I am wearing hearing aids!  Dr. Michelle L. Saltarrelli at Autumn Oak Speech, Voice, & Hearing has been absolutely wonderful.  She took the time to explain choices I had in aids and made sure I was fitted and everything was working properly.  I really appreciate everything she and her staff have done.



“Hearing is one of the body’s 5 senses.  But listening is an art.”

– Frank Tyger

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