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Cerumen Management

Cerumen, commonly called earwax, plays an important role in the health of our ears and our hearing capacity. Earwax works as a barrier defense from external debris getting deep into our ears, and it also protects the tissue of our ear canals by lubricating and coating them. Earwax also has another incredible function – it contains antimicrobial properties that help protect our ears from infections.
Sometimes we end up with too much earwax, and this can result in temporary hearing loss, earaches, or infections. It’s important to always get impacted earwax professionally removed, since the eardrum is a delicate membrane. Often times people end up damaging it by trying to clear their own ear canal at home, and this can lead to bigger problems.
Earwax removal is typically done in our office, although more minor situations might only need a take-home kit to be resolved. Dr. Saltarrelli is trained to inspect and safely remove any earwax that may be causing issues around your hearing health, and can bring you the relief you need.
If excess earwax is plaguing you, contact our office today.